Download the full installer here: GoldenCheetahInstall.exe (10.8M)

Based on commit: 06e44b8d4760181e7bee

Changes in this build:

Fix drag slider from Maps tab
When viewing the maps tab it is possible to drag and drop the slider causing a file import dialog to pop-up and fail. This patch rejects any drop events where the url is http.

Increase precision of sample data in .GC file format
Three related issues fixes; firstly lat/lon values lose precision when being read from .tcx files by Qt’s QString::toDouble(). This has been replaced with the stdc strtod() function in TcxParser.

Secondly, when writing to .gc format precision was also lost, this has been fixed for lat/lon values.

Thirdly, when writing to .gc format precision of seconds was lost, this is particularly relevant to Powertap files which have a sample rate of 1.26 seconds.

Fixes #83.

Better Zones Configuration Page
The zone ranges configuration page caused a SEGV when deleting the last zone. On inspection the zone configuration needed to be revised since the UI was confusing and didn’t allow fine grained user editing (relying upon manual editing of the power.zones file).

The UI has been redesigned and fine grained editing of ranges, zones and default zones is now supported.

The Zones class has been slightly modified to support the new UI and existing members are better commented. In addition, the read/write functions have been updated to always include the DEFAULTS section and to set defaults according to manual zone setups when it is not present (legacy support).

There are now 10 TimeInZone metrics to match the maximum of 10 zones the user can define.

Fixes #78 & #34.

Add read power from variable ns3:Watts.
TCX files exported from Garmin Connect have power as follows:


Fixed parser to read this as a valid power reading.

Fixes #65

Mapping and Latitude/Longitude logic changes
Patch changes the valid latitude/longitdue selection alogrithm.
Ensures that the data points are valid (-90<=Lat<=90, -180<=Long<=180)
Tightens up .WKO file import issues.
Allows for missed GPS data points of 0/0 in Garmin FIT files.
Changes mapping function to not plot invalid lat/long values.

Fixes #75